Commercial Installations

Commercial Installations

We are regularly asked by to carry out installations of Water Heaters, Boilers, Kitchen Extraction, General Extraction and HVAC Equipment on new and existing sites, from large commercial restaurants to small office spaces. From the moment the customer contacts us to completion of the project we will ensure all their needs are met and they have constant communication from everyone involved in the installation.

We will initially carry out a site survey and ensure the customer is get the most appropriate equipment installed to meet the needs as appropriate as possible, this will include ensuring that all the equipment is energy efficient and fit for the required purpose.

Once we have carried out a survey, we will supply the customer with a detailed quotation outlining all the seps of the installation and a breakdown of all the costings.

Sometimes our installations might require the site we are working to stop trading whilst we carry out the quoted works. Our team will communicate with the customer and only disrupt trading if necessary and we have no other options. If this is required will do this to suit the customer, this might mean we need to carry out works overnight, we are always able to facilitate this to minimise the disruption.

We pride ourselves on completing work with minimum disruption, within budget, and completed in a timely manner. All our staff highly qualified and always remain professional in even the most stressful of situations. We always work with the Health and Safety guidelines we set and ensure that all staff and the customer are aware of our Risk Assessments and Method Statements, again maintaining communication with all involved.

Upon the completion of your installation will provide you with all the required commissioning paperwork to keep for your records. We also be able to offer existing and new customers a competitive Preventative Planned Maintenance schedule to again meet the required needs of the customer in a cost-effective manner.

So, whether it’s a Boiler, Water Heater, Extraction or HVAC installation on your Commercial property you can rely on us to carry this work out for professionally, efficiently, and cost effectively.


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