Service and Maintenance

Service and Maintenance

Here at BJT NW we pride ourselves on the high level of service we provide for all our customers. We are committed to delivering the most cost-effective high standards as possible for all our customers.

HVAC – Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning

Planned Preventative Maintenance or a PPM is an essential part of your business.  regular PPMs can resolve many issues before they become a costly problem.

We will attend your site and carry out a PPM on your entire HVAC equipment, this will involve inspection, cleaning, diagnostics, belt changes and repair where required.

Our engineers will attend site as per your agreed scheduled and change the belts on your equipment as required, this prevents loss of equipment and even site closure for preventable repairs.  The engineer will carry out a full coil inspection and carry out a coil clean on the evaporator and condenser.  All equipment will be tested and ensure it is running as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.  We will change all filtration if required.

If we find any faults, failure or issues during your PPM we will report this on the job sheet, this will be made accessible to the customer at any time they require it as well as copy being attached to the invoice.  Any certification required will also be made available and stored on our portal.  We will always issue a quotation for any additional works needed, if business critical works are required this will never be carried out with out authorisation from the customer.

Boiler – Gas Inspection PPM.

We attend your site on an annual basis and carry out a full service to your boiler or water heater and gas installation inspection, this will include a service kit for your water heater. We will carry out a full inspection of your installation, including the water supply installation and the gas installation. We will ensure you are compliant with current legionella regulations and compliant with current gas installation and inspection regulation. We carry gas annalistic on your gas appliances. Our engineer will carry out a gas tightness test on the entire building and again ensure you gas meter and associated pipework is to current standards. Upon completion of you Boiler service and gas inspection PPM the engineer will issue you with a Gas Certificate.


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